Now that you have an overview of how the DocuSketch app works, bet you’d be excited to get the ball rolling and start creating your first tour right?

Well let’s get it going then!

First thing to know before creating your first tour is to know how to connect your device to the camera which we will review in this lesson. We will teach you how to do just that so make sure you have your mobile device and camera ready!

Now focus your attention to this image below:

This is a diagram of the Madventure camera.

Refer to this image as we go through the steps below.

Do take note that you will need to insert the micro SD card, discussed on a previous lesson (Equipment Requirements Lesson), into the camera in order for it to take pictures. You may insert the SD card on the MicroSD Card Slot & MicroUSB Port area located at one side of the camera.

Insert the micro SD card on this side.

Oh! And please don’t forget to make sure the camera is charged too!

Here are the steps…

  • Grab your Madventure Camera and switch it on. To switch the camera on, click on the Power/Switch Button shown above. You will hear a bleep from the camera signalling that it is on.
  • Next, make sure the WiFi on the camera is switched on as well. To check if the WiFi on the camera is on, check if there is a blinking light beside the WiFi button.
The light indicator beside the wifi button would appear blinking if the camera is not connected to any device.
  • If you do not see the WiFi indicator blinking, you can turn this on by clicking on the Wi-Fi Button beside it as shown above. You will hear the camera bleep when it is on as well as you see the WiFi indicator light up and blink.
  • Great! now that we have both the camera and its WiFi on, focus your attention to your mobile device.
  • Open your device’ WiFi settings as shown below:
Device WiFi Settings
  • The Madventure 360 Wi-Fi hotspot has the label QJXJ followed by a six-digit numeric code.
  • Key in the default password: 12345678
  • You will hear the camera bleep once and see the WiFi indicator turn from blinking to solidly lit to mark that you are connected to it. This means that you are ready to create your first tour!

Please do take note that while you are connected to the camera via WiFi, you will not be able to connect to the internet at this point.

Awesome! Now off to the next lesson!