In this topic we will be showing you an overview of the DocuSketch app’s Main Dashboard.

The mobile app’s main dashboard is divided into 3 main parts:

  • User Options Panel
  • New Project
  • Tour Option Panel
  • Search

1. User Options Panel

This button opens a side window with app specific options users can choose from. Each option is explained below:

  • About About This App information is displayed here with descriptions and links to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Licenses.
  • UpdateUpdates the app as well as your tour list.
  • Camera Tutorial – Walks you through a brief tutorial on how to use and set-up the camera.
  • Logout This option logs you out of the DocuSketch App and navigates you back to the Login Screen.

2. New

This button navigates you to a new screen where you can start Creating a New Tour.

More on creating a new tour would be discussed in lessons ahead.

3. Tour Options Panel

This section gives you information about the tour and has a tour management button (…) that allows you to manage and modify the tour on your mobile device.

Clicking on the tour management button (…) as seen below displays a list of options you can choose from to manage and modify the tour.

4. Search

This function enables the user to search for tours that match the searched keywords.

We will touch more on each of item 3’s options in detail in the topics below.