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The Timeline option allows you to create a timeline tour from the original tour. The Timeline feature is a feature that keeps track of progressive changes made to the property.

This is illustrated in before-and-after shots of the original images to indicate the changes made.

How to add a timeline to a tour:

  • Click on the Tour Options Button (…) on the dashboard.
  • Select the Add Timeline option.
  • Name the new Timeline Tour and key in the camera height. You may also add a still thumbnail photo to represent your tour.
Tap Done to proceed.
  • All the rooms and areas on this tour will populate on the next screen. These indicate the current rooms and areas in the original tour. Tap on one of the rooms to snap photos. You may tap on “Add Room” should you wish to add a new room to the timeline tour.
  • Make sure you are connected to the camera and you have the camera properly set-up in the middle of the room you are going to reshoot.
  • From here, tap on New Shot to snap the photo. choose the appropriate shooting mode you wish to use (Quick Capture, Single Shot, HDR) by swiping left or right respectively.
  • Take the shot accordingly. This will be discussed in subsequent lessons.

Note: Timeline Tours, though connected to the root or main tour, are considered a whole new tour themselves. Therefore, once you have created one, make sure you upload it to the cloud and they often appear as a new tour on the app with a slight timeline indicator.