Users have the option of switching the sketch ordering to automatic or they can do the ordering manually on the app.

1. Auto-Ordering — This can be set by clicking switching the Auto-Ordering option on on the Docusketch Mobile App’s main menu screen.

Note that this automatically orders a sketch once a tour is uploaded onto the cloud.

2. Manual Ordering — Users may manually order a floorplan for a tour they created on the Docusketch Mobile App by click on the Dotted button by the tour then clicking on the Generate Sketch option. 

Note that sketch orders being processed has a 24 hour turn around time.

Completed Sketches

  1. Notification Email

    Users will receive a notification email when a sketch request is completed.

    — The completed sketches will be attached on the notification email.

    — The attachements would be a JPEG Preview of the sketch would also be on the notification email so users can check the sketches on the go and the ESX files to the sketches as well.
    — Users can respond to the notification email for any feedback on changes they would like done.

  2. Downloadable Sketches on the Desktop
    Sketches can be downloaded through the download button.