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The HDR mode or High Dynamic Range mode is used to brighten the overall images as well as providing image clarity.

This can be used in both Quick Capture or Single Shot modes.

To use this mode, click on the camera settings option (…).

Tap on the Turn “HDR” On option.

Notice how the camera now has the HDR banner on it.

If you wish to use HDR in single shot mode, all you have to do is make sure you have both of these selected:

Notice how there is an HDR Banner on the lower left side of the camera image?

You can now take the image the same way you would with the kind of mode you choose as discussed in the past two topics.

You will however, hear more bleeps from the camera when taking photos in HDR mode. This is because the camera takes more photos which will then be processed later after the tour is uploaded onto the cloud.

This also increases the image and tour file size.

While taking the image with HDR however, it is important to wait for the camera to finish bleeping. Moving the camera while it is still bleeping causes the image to smudge and blur.

Notice how the HDR images are brighter than the non-HDR images?

Great! Now you know how to use the HDR mode, let’s move on to the next topic shall we? 🙂


  • It is highly recommended to use HDR most of the time when taking images. This is mainly because the HDR feature balances out dark and over exposed (bright) areas in your image.
  • Remember that you will encounter several more beeps when taking the image in HDR. Make sure that you do not move the camera or move around the shot area while the image is being taken in HDR. This may result in ghosting and blur effects on your images.