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Comments are mainly used to add definition, documentation and details to your tour.

They can be in the format of text, images, videos and PDF files however, in the mobile app, you may only add still images as Commentss. The rest can be added through the desktop later on.

To add a Comment Image, click on the camera settings option (…).

Select the Add Comment option.

Your device camera will then be activated to capture still pictures you wish to document as a point for documentation inside a comment.

You have the option to Finish the Image shoot, capture the image or select an image from your phone’s gallery.
Once you have taken the image, you have the option to reshoot it again or select done if you are satisfied. Selecting DONE would navigate you back to this screen below:
To exit, simply click on FINISH.
Notice how there is now a Comment counter just below the room name.

The Comment Images shot cannot be viewed yet until the tour is uploaded.

The objective of the Comment feature on the mobile app is to take images in the area or the room for documentation purposes.

These Comments can be edited and updated later on in the DocuSketch Web Portal which will discuss in the next course. 🙂