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The Quick Capture function, as discussed in an earlier lesson, is the method of taking photos in which you operate each lens on the camera separately. This allows you to take photos from one side, then the other independently.

Here is how to do it.

Remember this screen?

Great! All you have to do, is to tap on the image of the side of the camera you are facing.

See example below:

Click on the camera image that corresponds to the side of the camera you are facing.
Notice how the image now appears after taking the image on one side of the camera.

What is done here is you taking the photo using the lens on the other side of the side of the camera you are facing.

Now let’s move to the opposite side of the camera to take the second picture. Remember, make sure you keep the camera in place. Basically, do not move it yet.

This should be the next side of the camera you should be facing.
Make sure to click on the image of the camera that corresponds to the side of the camera you are facing to take the second half of the room/area image.
Great! Now see how the other half of the image appears.

Now the next thing to do is to name the area or room image.

Click on the Room Name Room Floor text to rename the image.
Name the image here.
Select the Floor Type to assign the image to a certain floor.
Note that it is important to do this to ensure accurate sketches to be made later on.

Click on OK when done!

The Quick Capture option can be used if you wish to take a photo but do not want to be seen in it and if you also do not wish to leave the room.

Note that the Quick Capture mode is the default mode when creating a tour.

It is also important to know that you should not move or reposition the camera after taking one shot from one side. Make sure the camera is set in the same position until you have taken both sides. Doing otherwise, would ruined and distort the final panoramic image as seen below:

Wonderful! Now let us move on to the next topic! 😀