Topic Progress:

Now in this topic, we will touch on the tour creation process.

It is recommended to shoot the images in the order of how you would go through the property. Say for example like starting from the entrance of the house, in to the foyer then you go from there depending on how the property is designed.

As discussed in previous topics, remember to always position the camera as close to the middle of the room you are going to shoot if possible. Remember to keep the height of the camera consistent as well. It is also important to make sure the camera is also leveled.

Shoot the image according to your preferred shooting mode. Remember Quick Capture, Single Shot and HDR modes we just discussed in previous topics? Now is the best time to use them accordingly based on the kind of room or area you are shooting.

Feel free to use the type of shooting mode you think is appropriate to use.

Once you have taken the image, label the room.

Then assign the image to the floor type it belongs to.

Click on OK when done.

Reposition the camera to the next room you are going to shoot and repeat the steps above until done.

When you have completed creating the tour, click on Finish.

You will see a brief loading screen after clicking on Finish.
Don’t worry about the fish lens appearance of the thumbnail. That will be resolved after uploading the tour.
You can also tell if the tour needs to be uploaded by looking at its status below the tour name.


  • Remember not to touch the camera lenses.
  • The camera has an auto shut down mode that switches the camera off when left on stand by for about 5 minutes or more. You may experience the camera automatically shutting down on you if left on stand by for too long. Do not worry though as it is a normal feature. Just connect back to the camera then take the shot again.

Great! Now that you know how to create the tour, we will discuss all about uploading it in the next lesson.