This topic covers how to create timeline tours out of the original tour.

Timeline tours are tours created under the original tour to depict a before and after effect showing the progress of any work done on the property. A timeline shot does not have to be taken for all rooms.  There is no extra charge for timeline tours. Timeline shots will not affect a completed sketch.  

Do not worry though, creating a timeline tour is just like creating a new tour.

Here are the steps to create Timeline Tour:

  • Click on the Tour Option Panel (…)
  • Click on Add Timeline
  • Name the Timeline Tour and add the camera height.
  • Select the room or image you wish to shoot a timeline image for.
  • Position the camera to be as close to the original shot as possible.
  • Take the shot. Remember, you may use any shooting mode you see fit to use.

Note: Comparing timeline shots to original shots will be available on the desktop, although the timeline tour also exists as an independent tour that can be shared or viewed alone.

When shooting a timeline tour, you don’t have to shoot all rooms over again. Only those rooms with changes, updates and improvements will suffice.