Awesome! So now that you have created your tour, the next thing we will teach you is how to upload it.

Now there are two reasons why or when a tour becomes uploadable.

  1. If the tour is just newly created.
  2. If the tour has some recent edits or changes.

You will know which tours to upload based on the tour status below the tour name as shown below.

Notice how it says, Needs to be Uploaded.
This means that this tour needs to be… Well… Uploaded.
  • Now that we’ve determined that this tour needs to be uploaded, we can upload the tour by pressing the tour’s option menu. This is represented by ().
  • Select Upload Tour to upload.
Once you click on Upload Tour, a loading screen will appear on your screen indicating the progress of the upload.


  • Never logout of the account you created the tour on. You may lose the tour if you do.
  • Make sure you are connected to a good internet connection when uploading tours. Any interruption on the uploading process may damage the tour.
  • The uploaded tours are viewable on the DocuSketch portal however, give it about 10-15 minutes to process. The system will have to stitch the images and render them to create the proper 360 panoramic images essential for the tour.
  • Do not leave the app when uploading. Wait for the upload to be finished. The app has to remain in the foreground of the device and the device should not go to sleep.  Background uploading is not currently supported. 
  • You would know when a tour is successfully uploaded online when you see the tour status reflect as available online.