In this lesson, we will discuss how you can create tours through the DocuSketch Desktop Portal.

Although it is highly recommended to use the DocuSketch app when creating tours, there are instances when you may need to use the Desktop Portal to create tours.

Instances where you need to back up your tours or if you used a different camera, or recreate the entire tour again, this is when creating tours on the portal comes in handy.

The main difference however, with creating a tour here compared to creating a tour with the app is that you would need to already have the panoramic images ready on your desktop drive.

This means that you may use a different camera, capture the images as usual, then upload them onto your computer or if you have downloaded all panoramic images from a previous tour and wish to recreate it all over again.

Now assuming you already have the images on your computer, what next?

Here’s how you can then use those to create a tour through the portal…

First, click on Create Tour on the User Options Panel. Remember, the User Options Panel is located on the left hand side of the dashboard.

Name the tour on this screen then click on Continue when done.

Click on the Continue button once you have named the tour.

On this screen, you may drag and drop the images from your drive to upload them onto the new tour or you may simply click on the upload boxes to locate the files to upload from your drive.

Take note that you can only upload panoramic images as shown above.

Notice how a loading bar appears on the images.

Wait for the loading bar to complete indicating that the image has been uploaded.

Once an image is uploaded, you may label them accordingly.

You may also delete an uploaded image on this screen by clicking on the delete button.
Floors may also be renamed here.
Floors may also be deleted by clicking on the X button here.
You may also add additional floors to upload images to by selecting this drop down option.

Now click on next when everything is done.

Upon clicking on next, you will be navigated into the tour Editor.

Here, you may edit the tour accordingly. Editing the tour however, will be discussed in the next lesson so sit tight! 😉