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Comments are information tags users can set on any given image to add emphasis or details on a portion of the room or image. Some of the reasons why comments are added to tours are: showcasing additional promotional videos, adding still photographs/detailed images, PDF documents, or text details and information.

Adding Comments

To add comments, do the following:

  • On the DocuSketch dashboard, click on the Edit button on the tour’s option panel.
  • Select an image to apply the comment on      
  • Click on the Add Comment option
  • Place the Comment on a desired location
  • Add a Comment Title
  • Add a Text Description. This is only Optional if adding a Media Content.

Uploading PDF Documents, Still Photos or Videos to Comment

  • Click on  Video / Image  
  • Locate Media File on Desktop and click Open
  • You will now be able to see your file added. The accepted image files are JPG & PNG. The accepted video files are AVI, MP4, WMV. PDF files are also accepted.

Attaching YouTube or Vimeo Videos to Comments

  • Click on  YouTube- / Vimeo -Link 
  • Copy Video URL and paste video link on the textbox.
  • Click Add when done.

Editing Comments

  • Locate the image that contains the Comment to Edit
  • Click on the Comment
  • Edit Title and Text Content as needed
  • Click on the Trash icon beside the media file name to delete content media. Add Media Content if applicable
  • Click on Update when done

Deleting Comments

  • Locate the image that contains the Comment to Delete
  • Click on the Comment
  • Click on the Remove

Changing Room of Comment

Comment can also be transferred from one room to another. Here are the steps on how to do so:

  • Open the comment you want to transfer and click on “Change room of Comment”
  • Choose a new room where you wish to transfer the current comment.
  • The player will then open the selected room. The comment tab on the comment selection panel will then show a green mark beside it. It means, that this comment is linked to the current room it was originally placed in, but doesn’t have a certain position (no coordinates) or is currently unassigned to any room.
  • Find a good position to place the comment and then drag and drop the green marker from the comment selection panel to the preferred position. You should see a success message once completed.

A Comment can only have one Media Content. The Comment Graphic portrays the type of content it contains:

Note that comments can also be re-positioned by simply dragging the icon to a desired location.

There you have it! You now know how to add, edit, and/or delete comment. On to the next lesson: hotspots! Let’s get to it!