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Hotspots are navigational pointers or bubbles that allows viewers to traverse from one image to another. It is ideal that they are appropriately placed based on the location of where each room or area is located on the current image.

Adding Hotspots

To add a hotspot, do the following:

  • On the DocuSketch dashboard, click on the Edit button on the tour’s option panel.
  • Click on Add Hotspot
  • Place the Hotspot where the next room/image is located
  • Select the appropriate image that corresponds to the Hotspot location

Hotspots can be repositioned by simply dragging them to a desired location.

Deleting Hotspots

To delete hotspots, do the following:

  • Click on desired Hotspot to Delete
  • Click on Remove Hotspot 

Navigation with Hotspots

On the Editor, you may navigate to a room using Hotspots by clicking on a Hotspot then clicking on Enter Room.

Great job! You now know how to manage hotspots. Just one more lesson to go before you finish all the editing features: taking screenshots! Here we go!