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The Viewing Angle function is mainly used to set the viewing perspective focus on an image when the image is uniquely accessed. Images are uniquely accessed through the following: 

  • Photo Picker
  • Floorplan Hotspots

On this lesson, you will learn how to set/change the viewing angles of a room. To do this, simple follow these steps:

  • On the DocuSketch dashboard, click on the Edit button on the tour’s option panel.
  • Click on Viewing Angle. A tool tip guide would pop-up upon clicking the Viewing Angle function. You may read through it by clicking Next or click on Exit to resume.
Note that a tutorial for this function should initially appear on your screen. You may go through it by clicking on the Next button or click on X button to close.
  • Click on the Pencil Button beside the white line. 
  • Rotate or Position the white line by re-positioning your viewing perspective. Zoom in or zoom out of the image if desired
  • Click on the Save Button when done.

Resetting the viewing angle

You can reset the viewing angle by doing the following steps:

  • Click on the Pencil Button beside the white line.
  • Click on the Delete Button when done. This should reset the previously set viewing angle to its default view.

Viewing Angles only function when the images are accessed uniquely. Accessing rooms via hotspots would overwrite the Viewing Angle settings with the system’s Dynamic Viewing feature. The Dynamic Viewing feature sets the view to start from the direction you came from. This means that when you enter a house, the first thing you see is the interior. Likewise, when you exit the house, the first thing you see is the exterior.

You now know how to set, change, and/or reset the viewing angle of rooms. Awesome work! Next up, Infopoints! Let’s go to the next lesson!