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My Tours

This option panel displays all the tours on your account. This allows you to manage and modify the tours according to how you see fit.

The My Tours option is split in two parts which we will be discussing in detail below.

  • Active Tours
  • Archive Tours

I. Active Tours 

Displays all active tours with tour management features.

A. Search Bar

  • Allows users to search for tours from the list using keywords or the ID number.

B. 3D Virtual Tour Panel

  • Displays created tours with options and features for editing and marketing.

C. Load More Button

  • Displays additional tours on your tour list.

D. Toggle Tour List View

  • Toggles the way the list of tours are displayed.
  • The Tour list can be displayed in list format or in grid format

II. Archive Tours 

Displays all archived tours with tour management features.

A. Move to Active

  • Brings the archived tour back to active status. Active tours would show up under the Active Tours list.

B. Delete

  • Deletes the archived tour entirely.
  • Note that deleted tours can no longer be retrieved.