Now let us revisit a previous topic we’ve discussed.

Remember that the sharing function is a way to invite users to the system and viewers to see the tours. 

There are 3 types of sharing: Custom Link, Publish to Public, or Private Invite.

1. Custom Links

Custom links are links with custom settings that a user can create. This gives the user full flexibility on viewer’s access to the tours they are sharing. Users can limit what features, rooms or images the viewers can see through the shared custom link.

Here’s how to set one up:

Click on Create New Link to create a new Custom Link.
Label the Custom Link.
Place a check on all rooms you wish to be included in the tour when sharing the custom link.
Place a check on the second box to set the image as the primary image for the tour. This also makes the room the first room viewers enter when accessing the tour.
Scroll all the way down to select which features should appear on the tour.
Click on Save when done.
Now see the new Custom Link on the list.

A. Copy to Clipboard – Copies the custom link for sharing.
B. Edit Custom Link – Edits the custom link’s current settings.
C. Delete Custom Link – Deletes the custom link from the list.

2. Publish to Public

Publish to public makes the tour available for public viewing. Users can share the full tour on social media, on their website, via email and many more without restrictions through this option.

Switch radio button to YES to make the custom link available online.
Click on COPY to copy public link to clipboard. You can then share the link by pasting it on any platform you wish to share it to.
You may also embed the tours on your website by copying the embed code on your website’s backend editor.

There are two types of embed codes:
A. Open in a Pop-Up Window – Embeds the tour as a clickable thumbnail which opens the tour in a new tab when clicked.

B. In Embedded Site – Embeds the tour itself onto the website. The tour is then interactive when viewers visits the webpage it is embedded on.

3. Private Invite

Private invitations allows users to invite viewers to view the tour with a private email invitation.

This means that viewers invited with a private invitation receives an email to access the shared tour.

With Private Invite, you can make an invitation using a link with encoded token or email and password. For both options, an email will be sent to the invitee.

You are able to track the invited users on this modal as well and revoke access rights by clicking the “Revoke” button.

You can pick which rooms they can access and which they will see first.