As discussed on our overview, the Start Live option enables users to showcase tours in a real-time virtual environment. It is here where the user and the viewer may interact and communicate while walking through the tour together.

There are two ways to invite a visitor to your live sessions.

Option A

For the first method, you can invite them by pressing on the invite button.

Click on the Invite Button.

Upon clicking on the invite button, a pop up window should appear on your screen.

Place in the invitee’s information then click on Invite Participant to send them an invitation email.

An invitation will then be sent to your invite via email.

All the invitee needs to do is click on the button Join Online Viewing.

This method is best used when setting up an appointed date to show the property live.

Option B

Another option is also sending the session link and the session’s key code to your visitor.

Copy and paste the link and session key then send it to the person you wish to invite.

Once your invite accesses the link, this is what they should see…

All they have to do here is fill out the information required along with the Session Number you provide them.

Once a visitor is in, you may now see a mini window screen that represents their view… or at least what they are seeing.

Your screen.
Their screen.

Free Roam Access

You may give your guests free roam access to allow them to navigate through the tour on their own.

To do this, you will have to click on the Lock button beside the guest’s name.

A notification will then appear on both yours and their screen indicating that they now have free roam access.

Otherwise, their view follows your view and navigation.

Chatting with your Guests

You may also chat with your audience on the chat box here.

And lastly, you may also visit other tours you have on your list through here.

Click here to access the list of tours under your roster.
Click on Start to showcase the next property on your list.

This makes showing and discussing these tours better and convenient.

If you wish to end the live session, simply click on this option on the lower right.

Click on the End Session button to end the session.

Please do take note that the the only way to communicate through the live session is through chat. Voice communication would have to be done over the phone or through an online conference call program (VOIP, ring central meetings, zoom, google voice, facebook messenger call, etc).