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This topic is all about downloading all Comment images.

Comment images are images taken to give emphasis, documentation or details on a specific portion of the area or room on a tour.

Usually used for documentation and information purposes.

These can be added in two ways, through the mobile app as discussed in Course 2 Lesson 5 or through the Desktop Portal as discussed in this Course under editing a tour.

However, let’s assume you now have images placed in comments, let’s then discuss on how to download them.

Clicking on the Comment images option to download downloads a zip file titled into your drive.

Unzip the file and several folders relative to the number of floors with Comment images on your tours will appear as shown below:

And just like Cubic Images, clicking on the floors would display another list of folders that represents each room/image on that floor or area.

Here, ladies and gentlemen is an example of the Comment image located in that room.

Great! Now you know what this does, let’s get going to the next topics! 😀