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This function is a way to invite users to the system and viewers to see the tours. 

There are 3 types of sharing: private invite, publish to public, or custom links.

With Private Invite, you can make an invitation using a link with encoded token or email and password. For both options, an email will be sent to the invitee.

You will be able to track the invited users on this modal as well and revoke access rights by clicking the “Revoke” button.

For Publish to Public, just toggle Yes to access the activated tour link as well as the embed codes for both pop-up window or embedded site.

For Custom Link, you can create a new link and customize what the invitee will be able to see.

You can pick which rooms they can access and which they will see first.

You can also pick the option of showing the dollhouse, floorplan, and infopoints or not.

You can copy, edit, or delete the created links.