Here is a step by step procedure on how to create a sketch using the Sketch App.

  • Create a new sketch by clicking “+new”
  • Name the sketch and select a floor.
  • Draw the first wall by pressing anywhere in the open gray area and dragging your finger in the direction you’d like the wall.
  • You can also adjust the length of the wall by clicking on the measurement
  • Draw a second wall by pressing any corner and dragging your finger the length of the next wall you’d like.  After that, you can click “Complete” in the bottom right corner to have the remaining walls completed automatically for a perfectly square/rectangular room.  Or, repeat the process of drawing walls until you’ve completed the room. 
  • Start a new wall at any point on a wall or on a corner. Adjust the length as desired. 
  • New walls will snap to existing corners. A green wall will suggest a new connection and help align with existing walls. Use complete button to have a wall auto-completed anytime the green line appears. 
  • At any point, click the back button to undo the most recent action.  Or, click “Clear” to reset the entire sketch to a blank screen. 
  • Change mode to edit current structures. 
  • Tap on a room to see its details. Tap on the room name button to change its name. 
  • Tap on a wall to see/change its dimensions or insert doors, walls etc.  Upon doing this, you’ll see a new set of options appears at the top and bottom of the screen as seen below. 
  • Choose a corner to scale in that direction. Use the A Corner / B Corner Button to choose a corner. 

Note that when you select a wall the new “wall movement mode” button is shown at the bottom of the screen. If you switch to this mode you can move a wall by dragging it. You can move a wall only in the direction that is along the path of the selected wall.

  • Click the “window button” (second button on the lower left) to insert a door and drag it to the right position. you can also adjust the position of the door by using exact values 
  • Click the “door button” to insert a door and drag it to the right position. You can also adjust the position of the door by using exact values. Tap on the door type button at the bottom of the screen to select another door type. 
  • Click on a corner to move it. Keep snapping activated to snap corner in 15 degree steps. turn snapping off to position the corner freely. 
  • Click and drag a corner to move it. Keep snapping activated to activate auto-snapping. This makes walls snap automatically to the nearest junction they are dragged to.
  • Turn snapping off to position walls and corners freely.
  • Click on the floor name to create a new floor or change to another floor. You can copy the drawings from an existing floor. 
  • Open Menu and go to settings to define standard thickness of interior or exterior walls. Tap save & exit to close editor and go back to the Listview.

Note: The Menu option is the button with three stacked bars located at the top right portion of the screen.

  • Back in Listview click on the Menu (…) at the bottom right of each job and upload your sketch. Although the rest of the process does not require an internet connection, uploading the sketch to us will require the device be connected to the internet.  The upload should take a few seconds for which the app needs to remain open with the screen on.  Until the sketch is uploaded, it will not be available on the web portal and an .skx file will not be generated.  Prior to upload, you are able to change any aspect of the sketch you’d like.

Note that the sketch status appears below the dates indicating whether the sketches need to be uploaded or have already been Synched or uploaded and converted. 

  • After the upload, users will receive an email notification confirming that a sketch has been created and published to your web dashboard. 
  • Users will receive the skx and jpg files of the sketch on a separate email after the first notification. Once this email is received, the .skx file will also be available for download under the “Download” section of the web dashboard.  Please note that if speed is important, a .jpg of the sketch both with and without measurements is available immediately upon upload under the “Download” section of the web dashboard.  The .skx file will typically be ready within a few hours of upload although times will vary based on the existing queue in our system.