Value proposition

The Floor Plan Application is a paperless sketching product/service that provides unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, communication, and documentation for field staff and estimators a like.

General function

With the DocuSketch Floor plan app the field staff can draw a basic sketch with an iPhone/iPad onside and enter text notes to the sketch. DocuSketch converts the Floor plan to an skx file and includes all the text notes in the skx file and sends it via email to the field staff within several hours. The backend employees can also access and download the skx file in the DocuSketch back-end.

In which situations should I use the DocuSketch FP app instead of the DocuSketch sketching Service?

  • For small losses with 1-5 rooms.
  • For Floor plans which have to be 100% accurate.
  • For projects/damages where a floor plan is required faster than overnight DocuSketch service.
  • For projects/damages with complex ceilings, cabinets, stair box you want to add measurements and comments