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In this topic, we will be teaching you the benefits of creating office accounts and how to create one

These office accounts are accounts you can give to office administrators in order for them to manage user accounts under a specific office. However, you may only create them provided you have a super admin account.

For example, you are the owner of a business who has a DocuSketch super admin account. You would then like to give administrative rights to your office administrators or assistants to help manage other DocuSketch user accounts under your business.

To do this all you have to do is to create an office account that can be shared by them.

This way they can manage accounts and tours created by users under the office they run.

It is important to note that billing for a Super Admin Account is also based on the number of Office Accounts created.

Here are the steps on how to create an office account:

1. From your DocuSketch Dashboard, click on Admin to navigate to the admin dashboard

2. Here you can see all the accounts you have created. For this example however, there are no accounts created yet so let’s go on and create an office account.

3. Click on the Create New Office option on the left option panel.

4. Fill out the information accordingly. Please remember to add the username email and the password as well as the Office Information.

Note that all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be filled out.

5. Click on the Send Welcome Mail option to notify the user of their login information and that an account has been created for them.

6. Click on Submit.

Here you can now see the newly created account added onto the user list on your admin dashboard.

Office accounts can create additional user accounts under them which they can manage and see all tours created by each user collectively.

Sending a Welcome Email

Once you have completed filling out the contact details you can notify the account owner that their account is ready by checking the Send Welcome Email check box, located beside the submit button to notify.

Send Welcome Mail Checkbox

Once this is checked and you are satisfied with all the details in place, click on SUBMIT.

The account owner will receive a welcome email with their username and password along with a link used to login. 


  • Always add the user’s contact information. The user will not be able to create a tour without it.
  • The Welcome Email is sent to the email registered under the Contact Information panel and not the email set under the User Required Information panel.
  • Accounts can also be created for users with viewer access only through the share function