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To create a new user accounts, select the CREATE NEW USER option on the admin options panel. This is located on the left hand side of the admin dashboard.  

The account information page will appear on your dashboard as shown below.

The account information page should immediately appear on your dashboard as shown below.

Filling out the User Required Information

The User Required Information needs to be filled out to proceed with account creation. 

  • The Office field pertains to the parent account the new user account is under. If your account has admin access and rights to create and modify user accounts and permissions then it is a parent or an office account.
  • The Email field is the account’s username. The owner of the account will be using this as part of their login credentials. Make sure there are no duplicate emails registered under your organization when filling out this field. The system prompts an error when there is/are existing accounts using the same email address.
  • The Password field sets the password for the account. This is automatically generated if nothing is input into this field. The owner of the account can always reset their password through the dashboard after logging in.
  • The Show Password option displays the account’s password in text format for easy access should the account need to be accessed or should the details need to be sent.
  • Allow Editing of Office Tours is a field where when enabled, grants users access to all tours under this account. This means that tours created by this user is shared and can be edited by all who has access of the office account.

Filling out the Contact Details

Once you fill out the required information for the account the account is now ready to be created. Best practice is to always fill out the contact information fields with the contact and profile’s details. 

Most of the fields in this section are self explanatory and those marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields. These are the First Name, Last Name and the Email address of the account holder. Make sure you have these filled out.

Sending a Welcome Email

Once you have completed filling out the contact details you can notify the account owner that their account is ready by checking the Send Welcome Email check box, located beside the submit button to notify.

Send Welcome Mail Checkbox

Once this is checked and you are satisfied with all the details in place, click on SUBMIT.

The account owner will receive a welcome email with their username and password along with a link used to login. 


  • Always add the user’s contact information. The user will not be able to create a tour without it.
  • The Welcome Email is sent to the email registered under the Contact Information panel and not the email set under the User Required Information panel.
  • Accounts can also be created for users with viewer access only through the share function

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