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The Admin Option Panel is a list of options you can choose to perform macro-scale administrative actions.

The list contains the following:

List User Accounts

List User Accounts displays the list of all user accounts under the organization. This is the default option and your default view when accessing the Admin Dashboard. This option allows you to perform several specific actions to manage the accounts and the tours under them. More on these management actions in the next lesson 

Create New Office

The Create New Office option allows you to create New Office Accounts under the organization.

Office Accounts has almost the same Admin rights as the Super Admin account where they can create additional user accounts and modify their settings and permissions.

Create New User

The Create New User option allows you to create New User Accounts under the organization.

How to create a new user account is detailed in lessons ahead.

A detailed discussion on how to create a new user account will be discussed in the next lessons ahead.

Statistics Data

The Statistics Data generates statistical reports regarding account-specific or tour specific data based on your preferred filter settings.

Make sure to select the proper filters for the system to display the contents you wish to display.

Language: The language chosen for the accounts. Accounts with the set language displays on the list if the corresponding language filter is selected.

Filter by Date of Activation: Allows you to filter the date by activation and allows you to display the list of accounts that were created before or after your date set.

Download Data allows you to download the data in either Excel (CSV) or JSON format.

Numeric List Display: Allows you to select the number of user accounts displaying in the list by adjusting the number on display.