DocuSketch™ & DKI

DocuSketch™ has been working directly with DKI professionals in the field to build a service that is designed to decrease time on site, increase productivity and speed communication. We have built the app from the ground up with you in mind. And because we utilize inexpensive, durable and easily updated camera technologies, DocuSketch™ is a truly scalable, affordable, 360° documentation & sketching platform.  


"After 20+ years in the industry, few things have excited me as much as DocuSketch.  The minimal equipment costs and ease of use make it a platform I can scale.  It saves me time. Being able to get a sketch back quickly and never having to worry about forgetting a photo is invaluable.  Since DocuSketch is specifically focused on the restoration industry, this will revolutionize the way our industry operates and I'm proud to be here at the start.”

Mike Cosley, American Craftsman, DKI Commercial Services