• Each sketch credit covers up to 2,500sqft per property. Two credits will be charged for a sketch over 2,500sqft and up to 5,000sqft, three credits for a sketch over 5,000sqft and up to 7,500sqft.
  • If the property is over 7,500sqft or is commercial in nature, please contact us.
  • Provided the best practices and shooting requirements have been followed, measurements will be within a +/- 5% accuracy margin on average.
  • In the event you need a correction made based on an error made by DocuSketch, we will provide one revision free of charge. Please reply to the email with your desired changes, but please note we will not modify the following:
    1. Change requests that go beyond our standard sketch product output.
    2. Incorrect output based on incorrect information by the customer. Ex: incorrect camera height, incorrect rooms names when images are uploaded, etc.
    3. Sketches that have been completed for more than 48 hours or which have been modified after sketch delivery, such as the addition of rooms. If additional rooms need to be drawn, additional credits will be used.
  • An order placed by 6 pm local time will be delivered by 12 pm noon local time the following business day.
  • Your order will be delivered via email using the same address you use to login to your account with an attachment in .esx, .jpg and .png format.
  • Our technology is only able to create sketches of areas captured adequately. Areas that were not shot according to these requirements will either not be shown or not subject to accuracy expectations.

NOTE: Sketches are not currently supported for tours shot/created outside of the DocuSketch mobile app.