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Streamlining Restoration Estimates: The Benefits of DocuSketch’s Estimating Service

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In the intricate landscape of restoration projects, precision and efficiency in estimating losses are paramount. DocuSketch recognizes the complexities inherent in this process and takes pride in offering an estimating service that grants access to meticulous, impartial estimates crafted by industry-leading experts.

Swift Turnaround Accelerating Projects

Our estimating service boasts an exceptional advantage: delivering insurance-ready estimates swiftly. Typically, within a mere 24 hours of receiving your DocuSketch project and scope, our service expedites your workflow and project commencement. This rapid turnaround ensures seamless progress, minimizing downtime and empowering your restoration initiatives.
Cost-Efficiency for Enhanced Resource Allocation
Estimating costs often create a significant dent in operational budgets. However, by subscribing to DocuSketch’s service, substantial cost savings of at least 50% can be realized. This cost-effective solution optimizes resource allocation, allowing you to streamline expenses and fortify your financial bottom line.


Precision and Enhanced Value Addition

Behind our service stands a team of certified Xactimate® or CoreLogic® specialists who meticulously craft your estimates. Moreover, each estimate undergoes rigorous validation by AskAime®, a trusted industry authority. This comprehensive process not only ensures compliance with industry standards but also maximizes damage claim values, frequently resulting in an observable increase of 2% to 12%. With our service, you can confidently optimize estimates, ensuring no opportunity for undervaluation while maintaining transparency and precision for both clients and insurance carriers.


Tailored Solutions Meeting Your Specifications

Your specific requirements, policies, and preferences are pivotal to our approach. We aim to personalize our estimates and services to align seamlessly with your unique needs. By understanding and prioritizing your goals, our estimates become a tailored solution designed explicitly for your objectives.


Trust in Proven Expertise

With a remarkable track record comprising over 125,000 processed estimates, meticulously reviewed for compliance, the DocuSketch Group, inclusive of AskAiME, stands tall as a pinnacle of expertise in estimating. Our extensive experience signifies our commitment to excellence and establishes us as a dependable partner in your restoration ventures.


Embrace Excellence in Restoration Estimates

We encourage you to engage with us to discuss your distinct requirements. By doing so, we ensure that our estimates and services are not just aligned with but designed to surpass your expectations, setting the stage for the success of your restoration endeavors.

At DocuSketch, our commitment goes beyond providing an estimating service – we are your steadfast partner in achieving restoration excellence.

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