Virtual Estimating & Virtual Desk Adjustment Are Now Reality

Instant 360° Documentation & Overnight Sketches With ESX files. 

DocuSketch™ - Everything You Asked For & More

In a recent survey, clients identified 360° documentation and a faster sketching process with delivery into Xactimate® as the two most important DocuSketch™ benefits they sought. The DocuSketch™ platform empowers you to do more with fewer employees & reduced risk. 

Xactimate® Delivery

DocuSketch™ doesn't just make the creation of sketches simpler, we deliver sketches in Xactimate® ready ESX files. The sketches you capture on site are delivered immediately in an industry standard format.

Lightning Fast Sketches

The simplest, most efficient sketch process available, combining 360° image capture with our intuitive sketching tools. We help reduce time on site, so you can get to more jobs.

Manage More Claims

We know that finding skilled employees is one of the major obstacles to increased profits. Let DocuSketch™ show you how our innovative 360° & 3D technology can help you do more with less!

Improve Communication

DocuSketch™ on-site sharing of field visuals enables Virtual Estimating & Virtual Desk Adjustment. Instant & transparent 360° documentation means better & more powerful communication.

The Unique & Powerful DocuSketch™ Timeline Player!

The DocuSketch™ Timeline Player allows you to document an entire project in a single tour, detailing every step of the process with clarity and transparency. Any team member can quickly and easily add a timeline point to an existing project, a standard 100 square foot room takes just 10 seconds to capture, and DocuSketch™ updates do not require using the same camera or device. Dates and times are captured automatically from photo metadata to ensure accuracy, and every step can include unlimited info points, with detail photos to illustrate key focus items. An unlimited number of progress points are included with every project tour.

Increase Efficiency & Reduce Risk

Because we utilize inexpensive, durable and easily updated camera technologies, DocuSketch™ is a truly scalable, affordable, 360° documentation & sketching platform. DocuSketch™ is designed to decrease time on site, increase productivity and speed communication. DocuSketch™ is perfect for property restoration, insurance claims management, property inspections, appraisals, home warranty & more.

Accurate & Efficient

The DocuSketch™ platform and processes enable the efficient capture of 360° images and the speedy creation of accurate sketches. And we can deliver these sketches in Xactimate® format instantly, ready for upload.

Risk Reduction

DocuSketch™ enables you to capture every detail in every room at once. Never miss a detail again, and efficiently document each important phase along the way. Reduce the risks associated with inadequate visual records.

DocuSketch™ Sample Tours

Roof Inspection Tour

docusketch roof inspection tour

Restoration Project Tour

docusketch restoration project tour

Your Future Is Calling.

See how quick and simple it is to capture a space with DocuSketch™!