Virtual Estimating & Virtual Desk Adjustment Are Now Reality

Instant 360° documentation & lightning fast sketches in a single platform. 

“The insurance industry is in the midst of a radical, digitally infused shake-up.”

DocuSketch At The Center

DocuSketch™ Will Sit At The Center Of This Change

In a recent survey, clients identified transparent 360° documentation for insurance carriers and a faster sketching process with delivery into Xactimate® as the two most important DocuSketch™ benefits they sought. The DocuSketch™ platform empowers you to do more with fewer employees & reduced risk. 

Improve Communication

DocuSketch™ on-site sharing of field visuals enables Virtual Estimating & Virtual Desk Adjustment. Instant & transparent 360° documentation means better & more powerful communication.

Manage More Claims

We know that finding skilled employees is one of the major obstacles to increased profits. Let DocuSketch™ show you how our innovative 360° & 3D technology can help you do more with less!

Lightning Fast Sketches

The simplest, most efficient sketch process available, combining 360° image capture with our intuitive sketching tools. We help reduce time on site, so you can get to more jobs.

Xactimate® Delivery

DocuSketch™ doesn't just make the creation of sketches simpler, we deliver sketches in Xactimate® ready ESX files. The sketches you capture on site are delivered immediately in an industry standard format.

DocuSketch™ vs That Other 3D Platform


Camera Costs - $220 - $299

• IPV6 Waterproof cameras designed to be used in all weather conditions. And DocuSketch™ offers complete camera replacement insurance.

• Works with any smartphone or tablet.

Time On Site - 10 Minutes

• Based on a 2000 square foot home, regardless of room size or shape.

•Detail photos can be captured and documented on-site. Any number or combination of rooms can be captured and sketched.

Tour Creation Time - Ready On-Site

Tour is ready upon completion in the field.

Job Progress/Timeline - Unlimited!

DocuSketch™ provides something truly unique, a fully interactive timeline, time-stamped using image metadata. Unlimited timeline inserts for no extra fee. Learn More!

That Other 3D Platform

Camera Costs - $3400

• Large, delicate camera not proven for construction or catastrophy environments. If your camera is damaged, you're on your own.

 • Works on an iPad only!

Time On Site - 60 - 360 Minutes

• Based on a 2000 square foot home, depending on room size and shape.

• No detail photos can be captured on-site. Difficult, if not impossible, to sketch and document specific and/or separate rooms.

Tour Creation Time - Several Hours

Creation of the tour takes several hours, sometimes as much as a day!

Job Progress/Timeline - Nonexistent!

No timeline or progress capability in a single package/tour. Progress must be separate tours at additional cost.

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Instantly Document Everything!

Because we utilize inexpensive, durable and easily updated camera technologies, DocuSketch™ is a truly scalable, affordable, 360° documentation & sketching platform. DocuSketch™ is designed to increase productivity and speed communication and is perfect for property restoration, insurance claims management, property inspections, appraisals, home warranty & more.


Now you can document and present your job progress with full 360°, side-by-side comparisons using the DocuSketch™ Timeline Player.

Increase Efficiency & Reduce Risk

Accurate & Efficient

The DocuSketch™ platform and processes enable the efficient capture of 360° images and the speedy creation of accurate sketches. And we can deliver these sketches in Xactimate® format instantly, ready for upload.

Risk Reduction

DocuSketch™ enables you to capture every detail in every room with a single click. You'll never have to worry about missing a detail again, and you can efficiently document each important phase along the way. Reduce the risks associated with inadequate visual records.

DocuSketch™ Sample Tours

Roof Inspection Tour

Restoration Project Tour

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