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Book a free private training session by a DocuSketch Restoration Specialist for you and your field team and learn how easy it is. Once you're finished you'll be locked and loaded with the most valuable tool in your belt!


Michael Merry Training Leader


The free private training session is designed to help you and your field team familiarize yourselves with the DocuSketch System. It covers fundamental aspects and ensures that you are well-equipped to utilize this valuable tool effectively.

The General Onboarding session covers all the basic fundamentals necessary to understand and use the DocuSketch System efficiently. It provides a comprehensive overview to facilitate a quick and smooth start.

To schedule a live training session for General Onboarding, you can follow the provided instructions or contact DocuSketch to coordinate a suitable time for the training.

Yes, there are specialized training sessions that focus on effectively capturing commercial or large loss properties. These sessions provide insights and strategies specific to handling such scenarios with the DocuSketch System.

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Thank you for expressing your interest in joining the upcoming beta testing phase for Docusketch Water Mitigation. Be among the first to experience and influence our platform before the official launch by pre-registering now.

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