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Accurate Sketching

Effortless Sketching, Lightning-Fast Delivery!

Let DocuSketch take care of your sketches effortlessly! Just upload your 360° images using the DocuSketch App to swiftly generate precise digital floor plans that are compatible with Xactimate® or CoreLogic®. We’ll promptly deliver them to you as .esx or .fml files. Need it urgently? Opt for our 5-hour delivery service that comes standard in our Express packages!”

Key Features

5-hour ESX/FML Delivery Service

Opt for our Express package to get the 5 hour sketch. Improve your ranking with insurances companies as you process damage claims at record times!

Extended ESX sketch

Extended Xactimate®-ready ESX file including room dimensions, cabinets, ceilings, counters, attic, etc.

Photo documentation in the ESX

No more renaming. Capture and organize photos effortlessly, with the system automatically managing file names and uploads.

Instant room dimensions

Gone are the days of laborious measuring tapes. Obtain precise room dimensions swiftly within 30 minutes.

Q1 2024

Instant room dimension – no more manual sketching onsite

Create a 360° tour and mark the affected rooms. Upload the tour within 30 min you get instant drying chamber sketch in the DocuSketch app. Never draw manual sketches’ or measure again onsite to calculate drying equipment. DocuSketch full sketching service.

Inside Sketching

DocuSketch™ will create a digital floor plan that you can upload to your Xactimate® or or CoreLogic® claim processing software.

Roof Sketching

Upon request DocuSketch™ will also create an Xactimate® or CoreLogic® ready Roof & Outside Sketch for you – allowing you to procure all sketches from one vendor!

How it works


Seamless Field-to-Upload

Capture your 360 tour on the go and upload via our DocuSketch mobile app.


Effortless Ordering

Request your sketch directly from our mobile app interface.


Rapid Turnaround

Receive your basic sketch within 5 hours, download it, and integrate it seamlessly into your estimating platform.


  • One sketch credit is good for up to 2,500 square feet.
  • The price for your DocuSketch sketch depends on the size of the floor area for which you request a sketch.
  • The minimum is one sketch credit per sketch:
    • 1-2,500 sqft: 1 sketch credit
    • 2,501-5,000 sqft: 2 sketch credits
    • 5,001-7,500 sqft: 3 sketch credits
    • and so on.
  • Sketch credits can also be used for roof and outside sketches.

For example, total SF of building interior is 6804 SF. If a sketch is ordered for this building, three sketch credits will be consumed:

You may cancel your sketch request within approximately an hour or two (business hours) after requesting your sketch. Provided that the request was sent in within business hours, our team should still be able to cancel your sketch.

You may send in a request through the helpdesk at [email protected], call us at (888)-400-8858 extension 2 or chat with us through the DocuSketch mobile app or here.

Please note that sketches that are already produced on the backend can no longer be cancelled. This means, that if you request your sketch to be cancelled and the sketch has already been partially completed, we can no longer cancel your sketch.

Yes, If you want to add additional rooms or images to your tour, you can do it through the DocuSketch app. When it is done, you will need to send a chat message or email us us at [email protected] with the tour ID or tour name of the tour you need the sketch revision for.

Void rooms in an ESX sketch are a by product of rooms or areas that our system sketches without having a camera or a 360 image in it. A really good example of this are areas that are supposed to be a part of the overall sketch layout, but do not have any 360 images documenting them. By default our system labels them as void rooms for you to replace, remove or rename later on.


Everything you need and more to accurately document, sketch, scope, and estimate.

Fast Documenting

Create detailed 3D, 360° photo tours in under 20s per room.

Instant Scoping

Get scope of work reports with just a few clicks on your phone.

Effortless Estimating

Improve your bottomline with insurance-compliant estimates.

Water mitigation

Sketch, dry, report – seamlessly achieved.

Talk to someone real

Schedule a live demo or let us give you a call. We don’t do stupid chatbots.

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