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Effortless Estimating


The industry standard for Xactimate® and CoreLogic® Estimates.

DocuSketch proudly introduces its new best-in-class Estimating Service. Our team comprises top-tier estimators dedicated to enhancing your claim handling efficiency and boosting profitability. Leveraging your DocuSketch 360° Tour & Scope, we merge AI technology with expert industry knowledge to craft precise, insurance-compliant estimates. Say goodbye to extensive data-entry tasks for your valuable professionals.

We spend less time at jobsites, and less trips to the job because we can use the 360° tour to answer questions and estimate from. We also benefit greatly from the sketches Docusketch produces for us.
Curtis Edward Bingham, SERVPRO(R) of Bountiful, Layton / Kaysville, West Valley, and Downtown
Salte Lake City

ESTIMATING as profit lever

75% of frequent users credit DocuSketch estimating services for boosting their business, while 63% report improved profitability. Find out how our accurate estimate writing services can impact your operational effectiveness:

  • Reduce dependence on in-house estimators, saving on employment, training, and retention costs.
  • Enable your field teams to conduct 360° tours within minutes, submitting the complete documentation, no need for estimators to be onsite.
  • Respond faster to estimates with DocuSketch, enhancing your standing with carriers or adjusters.
  • Increase project capacity with the same team.
  • Gain recognition from carriers for DocuSketch data quality and AiME validation, leading to fewer disputes and queries from adjusters or carriers

Key Features

Unbiased Estimates

Get an accurate, unbiased estimate created by the Industry’s leading estimators.


AskAime used on every estimate to validate accuracy and insurance compliance.

More Value

Get more $$$ for your work. Our Industry’s leading estimators will typically realize 2-12% more value from your damage claim. Don’t leave money on the table!

Job Cycle Time

Decrease your cycle time: Receive your estimate as fast as 24 hours after receiving your sketch.

Xactimate® and Symbility®

We generate both Xactimate® and Symbility® Estimates.

All types of Estimates

Water, Fire, Reconstruction, Mold, Content, Control, and any other type of estimate.


Personalized to your individual requirements and standards.

Save Money

Your individual pricing plan will reduce your cost for estimating by at least 50%

Speed Matters

Establishing trust with homeowners hinges on the contractor’s ability to produce estimates promptly. Speed is crucial, and with DocuSketch, your on-site teams can efficiently capture field documentation for swift estimation. Leveraging 360° tours, DocuSketch users generate estimates overnight, providing a competitive advantage in securing high-value projects in your area. Your prompt response time can make a significant difference when competing for key projects in your area.

Their estimates? They don’t leave anything out. The value they brought in estimates more than paid for the cost of it. They got us more money on the claims than what we spent on the claim.
Owner / President, Puroclean Northwest


Choose the DocuSketch estimating service that suits you best. With the DocuSketch app, you can order on-demand estimates based on your 360° tours and sketches. For a more convenient and cost-effective option, consider our subscription model, Estimating as a Service, providing insurance-compliant estimates at a flat monthly fee within a business day. Say goodbye to per-estimate charges and embrace a world of hassle-free convenience.

How it works


Get in touch

Make an online appointment with a member of our DocuSketch Customer Success Team. We will discuss your specific requirements, policies and preferences. We want to properly understand your needs to be sure our Estimates meets your expectations.


Sign Up

After this 30 min onboarding you will be able to sign-up to DocuSketch™ Estimating. The “Order Estimate” button will then be activated in your Mobile App and Web Portal.


Order Estimate

Simply order your Estimate in the App or your DocuSketch™ Web Portal. Please note: The creation of a DocuSketch™ Estimate requires that you create a tour, a Scope of Work and order a Sketch from DocuSketch™.


Receive & Review

You will receive your fully documented and AskAiME validated Estimate as an Xactimate®-ready .esx file or as a CoreLogic® file within 24-48 hours after getting your sketch. Upon request we will do a 2nd revision.



You may want to add, delete or modify line items (e.g. O&P), or add charges for week-end work and travel time. The final responsibility for the estimate will be yours, but we’ll take away a huge burden from you!

Here’s What Our 2,000+ Customers Have to Say


We are able to write all types of restoration estimates: Water, Fire, Mold, Contents, Reconstruction (Interior & Exterior), Biohazard, Board Up, Vehicle Impact, Asbestos, etc. If you need an estimate, DocuSketch can write it.

Once you are onboarded to the service you simply order your Estimate in the app or your DocuSketch™ Web Portal.

The creation of a DocuSketch™ Estimate requires that you create a tour, a Scope of Work and order a Sketch from DocuSketch™

You will receive your fully documented and AskAiME validated Estimate as an Xactimate®-ready .esx file or as a CoreLogic® file within 24-48 hours after getting your sketch. Upon request we will do a 2nd revision.


Everything you need and more to accurately document, sketch, scope, and estimate.

Fast Documenting

Create detailed 3D, 360° photo tours in under 20s per room.

Accurate Sketching

Generate accurate floor plans in up to 5 hours.

Instant Scoping

Get scope of work reports with just a few clicks on your phone.

Water mitigation

Sketch, dry, report – seamlessly achieved.

Talk to someone real

Schedule a live demo or let us give you a call. We don’t do stupid chatbots.

HEROES we partner with

Water Mitigation Beta Program Pre-Registration

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