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Fast Documenting

Lay the right foundation for a successful claims process

A thorough and accurate documentation has the biggest impact on your bottom line. If things get messed up here they’ll be messed up down the process and cost you valuable time and money – most likely both. Get rid of the margin for error and document with DocuSketch™ Quick-Capture Technology.

Key Features

Create 360° photo tours in under 20 seconds per room

Add close-up photos, cause of damage and employed hardware.

Add text, picture, voice & video comments for your scope & claim description

Capture every detail with our 360° camera – much better than any phone.

Easy to use and no training needed. Get crews up and running in no time.

Use Timeline feature to compare every work step, from start to finish!

Share Tour data with your project team, subcontractors, TPA or insurance adjuster in realtime

Navigate any claim property using DocuSketch's powerful Tour Player.

DocuSketch™ Timeline Tour: Travel through time was never easier!

Seamlessly document your project, from the initial on-site visit, through every mitigation and restoration step all the way to the final touch. DocuSketch’s signature Timeline feature enables you to directly compare two or several photo tours of the same room and every detail. Create full and indisputable transparency of your work for homeowners, subcontractors and insurance carriers. You will never loose in a dispute again!

real-time demo

How to shoot a 2,590 Square Feet house in just 9 minutes
This is a real-time demonstration of how to capture the entire interior of a 2,590 Square Feet home using DocuSketch™

Custom Sharing for Seamless Collaboration

Delegate access, customize sharing links, and control viewing permissions. Enhance communication with clients, adjusters, estimators, and internal teams. Streamline decision-making, minimize misunderstandings, and reduce on-site visit time.

Enhance your visual narrative with picture, video or voice to text comments

Simplifies documentation by swiftly capturing damages in real-time, eliminating the need for lengthy written reports. Precise reporting ensures thorough documentation of the cause of loss, aiding in a comprehensive understanding of damage extent and facilitating effective restoration strategies.

Insurance compliant photo reports

Automatically generate detailed photo reports from the 360° tour with timeline tours, comments, and sketches. DocuSketch is the endorsed tool for insurance documentation and sketching by leading providers. Inquire for details on recommending insurers and TPAs.

How it works


Easy set-up

Mount your camera on the tripod, set up tripod as indicated and connect your DocuSketch mobile app with the camera. Ready, steady, go!


Easy 360° capture

Place camera on tripod in the middle of the room, stand on the opposite side of the lense and use app to capture image. Then step behind the camera again and capture second image. Done!


Easy handling

Add notes, image labels and additional photos on the spot to provide the most complete information possible. Share data in real-time with the team back at the office or the carrier. Time to move on!

Easy, right? Next up: get an instant preview sketch and a detailed overnight floorplan for scoping and estimating. Learn More


In case a part of your kit is broken, check if your hardware is under warranty for replacement by reaching out to our help desk at [email protected] or at 888-400-8858 extension 2.

To learn more about hardware warranty policy, check our Hardware warranty article.

Although a smartphone is perfect for inserting photo comments into a DocuSketch tour, a camera with a 360-degree field of view is required and enables you to capture the entirety of your surroundings in a single shot.

Yes, you must use only the DocuSketch-issued tripod with our system to guarantee sketch and measurement accuracy.  Proper use of our tripod ensures consistent camera height.  This consistent, known camera height is crucial for sketch and measurement accuracy.

DocuSketch allows you to share tour data in real-time, facilitating seamless collaboration with your project team, subcontractors, third-party administrators (TPA), or insurance adjusters.

DocuSketch’s powerful Tour Player enables easy navigation through any claim property, offering an immersive experience to explore and analyze the captured 360° photo tours efficiently.


Everything you need and more to accurately document, sketch, scope, and estimate.

Accurate Sketching

Generate accurate floor plans in up to 5 hours.

Instant Scoping

Get scope of work reports with just a few clicks on your phone.

Effortless Estimating

Improve your bottomline with insurance-compliant estimates.

Water mitigation

Sketch, dry, report – seamlessly achieved.

Talk to someone real

Schedule a live demo or let us give you a call. We don’t do stupid chatbots.

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