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Water mitigation


DocuSketch Water Mitigation Solution

Order onsite Instant Room Dimension and get within 30 min a room sketch with all relevant dimensions. Calculate drying equipment in the DocuSketch app based on IICRC S500 standard. Use moisture comments during the drying process in the 360° tour and Sketch. Export a detailed drying report with drying chart, equipment and moisture points in the sketch.

Key Features


Instant room dimension within 30 min - onsite


Moisture readings in 360° tour and Sketch


Equipment calculation on IICRC S500 Standard


Gold standard drying report

Q1 2024

Instant room dimension – no more manual sketching onsite

Create a 360° tour and mark the affected rooms. Upload the tour with in 30 min you get instant room dimensions and a 2D plan of the room in the DocuSketch app. Never draw manual sketches’ or measure again onsite to calculate drying equipment. 

IICRC S500-based drying equipment calculator

You receive the instant drying chamber dimensions in an editor in which you can enter all additional information you need to proved to get an accurate drying equipment calculation based on the IICRC S500 standard.

Tracking Moisture Metrics Every Step of the Way!

Validate the effectiveness of mitigation efforts and support insurance claims with comprehensive documentation of moisture levels, serving as crucial evidence for legal purposes and ensuring successful claim outcomes.

Comprehensive drying reports

Offer evidence for insurance claims, ensure quality control, facilitate informed decision-making, and enhance client confidence by transparently documenting the restoration process and adhering to professional standards.

Water Mitigation Beta Program Pre-Registration

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