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Our employees are the nuts and bolts of DocuSketch. They drive our vison and ensure our clients are able to be that beacon of hope for their customers. They partner with them to provide the innovative technology to achieve their goals and enhance the lives of their customers.





Sales Executive

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here at DocuSketch and with the team I get to work with. As a sales professional, what excites me the most is having the freedom to freeform my processes while getting to work collaboratively with my team and learn from them. I sincerely feel fulfillment getting to work for a company that helps an industry operate and add so much value. I recommend anybody who is a team player, is excited about helping to develop and mold processes within your role and is passionate about serving people to learn more about how you can work for DocuSketch.”



Mid Market Account Manager

“DocuSketch has a warm team-oriented company culture. Working at DocuSketch has been very interesting and insightful. I have learned a great deal from my co-workers since joining the team 1 year ago. What stood out to me early on was how quickly our Director of Operations responded to the team’s feedback and implemented change in many areas immediately as the company has grown. DocuSketch team members are acknowledged regularly for their capabilities and skills. Each employee has the opportunity to reach their professional goals and grow their career. The remote work set-up is highly beneficial and allows employees to focus more on day-to-day work activities. Great pay, benefits and work/life balance.”



Insurance Carrier Account Manager

“My time at DocuSketch, while short, has been nothing short of a joy thus far. The leadership of the company, from the top down, has been kind, helpful, knowledgeable, and professional every step of the way. In my observation, leadership places trust in their employees’ abilities as to not micromanage, while also providing hands on training to ensure success. For a company with employees all over the world, there is an abundance of unity and a very intentional relational day to day atmosphere amongst the team. The personal benefits both when it comes to compensation, benefits package, and the work to life balance not only meet but exceed my standards. I believe there is nothing more important than how our work life positively impacts our home life, and DocuSketch has done just that. All in all I have been overly satisfied with my decision to join DocuSketch, and I look forward to all that the future has to hold for an already successful company.”


Joanna Prsa

Estimate Writer

“Since joining DS Estimate Services, I have had the pleasure of working with a wonderful group of Docusketch team members and valuable clients. I take pride knowing that each of us are focused on expediting the property claim process and getting families back in their homes faster. I see a variety of estimating assignments each day and get to use some of the fast-growing software and technology in the industry. I have support and resources available that allow me to be successful in my role and continue to grow professionally with the organization. The flexibility in my schedule and the work life balance is something everyone in my family can appreciate. I am so glad I found the DS family and very excited about all the possibilities ahead.”

Why join us?

DocuSketch is on track to be the most relevant technology company in the North American Restoration industry and that’s a great place to be! Exciting new challenges are ahead of us with a whole array of new product features and services due to be released soon. We anticipate an enthusiastic reception by our customer base. Below are a few of the many reasons why working at DocuSketch would be a great place for YOU!

Remote Working Environment

DocuSketch is a fully remote company. This allows our employees more flexibility throughout their workday and increases productivity.

Work Life Balance

Here at DocuSketch we believe in achieving a healthy work-life balance. It is crucial for the overall well-being and sustained productivity of our employees.

Strong Company Culture

Building a strong company culture is essential for fostering a positive work environment. Enhancing employee engagement and promoting overall organizational success is a top priority at DocuSketch.

Great Company Benefits

We provide attractive and comprehensive company benefits to all fulltime employees. This includes paid time off, medical, dental, and vision along with 401K retirement plan with a company match.

Competitive Salary Structure

DocuSketch offers and maintains a competitive salary structure. By doing so we retain our employees, promote employee satisfaction and create a positive impact on our organization’s overall performance.

Opportunities for Advancement

DocuSketch offers a clear career path with advancement opportunities. Performance management, training, individual development plans along with mentorship and coaching ensure that our employees are equipped with the tools needed to be successful here as a DocuSketcher!

Explore positions at DocuSketch by department


InsureTech looks to inspire change within the claims industry. We work with Insurance Carriers to show them how to utilize our technology within their organization to be as effective and efficient as possible while providing the best customer care at an accelerated profit margin. We strategically strive to move the unmovable through concise data comparison, innovative product development and features, and clear pathways to technology deployment and improvement.

DocuSketch SALES

The DocuSketch Sales Department comprises skilled and motivated sales professionals who possess a deep understanding of our product and the services we offer. Our sales team drives revenue growth, fosters customer loyalty and contributes significantly to the overall success of our organization. We are people with innovative sales techniques and industry knowledge who are adept at building relationships, understanding our customer needs and closing deals.

DocuSketch Account Management

The DocuSketch Account Management team successfully embodies the characteristics needed to retain and grow existing client relationships. Some of those characteristics include clear communication, relationship building, strategic thinking and client education! Our Account Managers take the initiatives necessary to ensures that clients are getting the most out of the products and services we provide. In doing so, we not only retain and grow existing client relationships, but we also contribute significantly to the overall success and profitably of our business.


The Estimate Services team plays a crucial role in the estimation process for our clients. Our Estimators are competent in both Xactimate and CoreLogic platforms and possess in depth knowledge of the restoration process and industry and insurer standards. By utilizing our customer’s DocuSketch generated 3d tours and sketches, our estimators are able to identify the extent of damage and apply the necessary IICRC and insurer guidelines to each estimate they write. Our team’s experience and qualifications along with their dedication to providing exceptional customer service, contributes to the success of our client’s projects, ensuring estimates are completed efficiently, accurately and to the client’s satisfaction.

Water Mitigation Beta Program Pre-Registration

Thank you for expressing your interest in joining the upcoming beta testing phase for Docusketch Water Mitigation. Be among the first to experience and influence our platform before the official launch by pre-registering now.

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